Tailor-made champagne artisans

To the very heart of client experience

We believe client experience is a key element of differentiation for a brand.
Produced in a truly unique AOC (Controlled designation of origin), champagne opens the door to a powerful evocative world.

We have created L’Effervescence des Marques to help brands to expand their theater of expression and enhance their client experience, thanks to champagne bottle personalization or a tailor-made blend for a unique cuvée created just for your brand.


Tailor-made champagne and bottle personalization

L’Effervescence des Marques is the only concept able to develop your own champagne with a tailor-made blend and personalized bottle. How ? Thanks to our exclusive access to the entire Champagne terroir actors, developing our offer within an exceptional timing of 6 months and giving you the unique opportunity to register your brand as a « maison de champagne ».


A unique appellation

Land of the king of wines and gastronomy, Champagne is also the cradle of the kings of France. Its name is intimately linked with the history of France and the influence of the French « art de vivre » in the world.

An exceptional wine

Quality requirements, patience and exclusivity

There are three categories of champagne producers, specific to this iconic appellation : traditional trading houses, cooperative cellars and harvesting winegrowers.

Whatever the producer, he must scrupulously respect the specifications of the appellation, keeping extra care not only to the wine production but also its distribution.